Urinate without leaving the bed?

This is now possible!
We have combined a urinal with special mattress and bed.
Absolutely hygienic – hardly any smells!

Do you know that too?

As soon as you have gone to bed, the bladder starts to bother.
half asleep, you look for the way to the toilet and bump into the table or at the chest of drawers.
This is repeated throughout the night.
Continuous sleep is out of the question.

But also in nursing care and care of people whose freedom of movement is restricted, the accompaniment to the toilet can be very time-consuming and stressful.

The innovative solution

The urinal toilet in bed:
Our patented mattress with urine collection system

  • saves those affected from going to the toilet
  • relieves the nursing staff considerably
  • enables those affected to improve their quality of life

Who is this for?

for women and men

  • all people, young or old
  • persons with nocturnal urge to urinate
  • persons with reduced mobility
  • persons with prostate disease
  • people with kidney problems
  • blind people to simplify life
  • persons with balance disorders
  • MS patients
  • paraplegics
  • cerebral paralyzed
  • disabled
  • obese
  • people prone to falls
  • invalid children
  • other groups of people

Not suitable for people with incontinence!

The Isiwell system can be used at home or in nursing and retirement homes as well as in hospitals.
Especially in times of staff shortages, the relief of nursing staff is of great benefit.

Advantages of the Isiwell system

Using the urinal toilet in bed is very convenient; you get used to it quickly and don’t want to miss it anymore.
After a good night’s sleep, you are in top shape, more creative and have more joy in life.

  • The quality of sleep is much better
  • Like this, many people can even urinate while lying in bed
  • The risk of injury, e.g. from falls, is considerably lower
  • The urinal toilet can be used independently
  • Nursing staff can take care of other tasks
  • The absence of diapers increases comfort
  • Collection of urine with separate disposal is possible
  • The urinal toilet is ecological; water is saved
  • The collected urine is also available for medical purposes
  • You can now drink plenty of water again, which promotes your health

What does the Isiwell system look like?

The system consists of mattress, urine funnel and collection container.
The opening of the funnel is located at the front edge of the mattress. The flap with velcro fastener on the outer bed cover and the padded lid are opened.
The urine flows into the container under the bed, which is located on a pad.

The container under the bed is easily removable and can be emptied weekly or if necessary.
Up to 8 liters of urine are accumulated weekly.
The standard container holds 10 liters.

Quality features and hygiene

The quality of the unique Isiwell mattress is strictly monitored.
High-quality mattresses from a well-known Swiss manufacturer are used.
The mattresses are washable, disinfectable and still breathable.
The hygienic conditions are fully met.


A full warranty of 3 years is guaranteed.

The right solution


for her and him

With this innovative system you have a comfort solution for a better quality of life.
You will receive your individual solution tailored to your existing or new bed.
For this purpose, our contact person needs the information of your current circumstances.